enEvery year in Joure, in The Netherlands, there is an exhibition of Kilnformed glass sculptures. It is the only place in the Netherlands where a large exhibition of this discipline occurs. Many of the works in the exhibition have never been seen in Holland, or are made specifically for this exhibition.

Kilnformed glass in the Netherlands still is a relatively unknown form of glass art. In kilns, by means of molds, sculptures can be made that are robust, such as bronze. Glass adds a light show and the tension between strong and fragile. A combination with wood, stone or metal, can emphasize this contrast. But with glass also delicate sculptures can be made, as at the exhibition can be seen.

For glass artists who work with kilns, in the Netherlands there was no place where they could meet colleagues and can see work of those brothers and sisters in the craft. I wanted to offer them a place where there is opportunity to get to know and inspire each other. I also wanted to organize an exhibition representing the interests of the artists: they do not have to pay commission and pay no rent, need only to defray their share of the actual costs.

The most important thing of course is that visitors can enjoy the exhibition. Here is glass art at its best to enjoy. And there are artists around who can tell you about how the various artworks are created.

Each year we will invite more artists. By exhibiting glass art also in the town Joure itself, we want to realize that the whole of Joure once per year is the city of kilnformed glass and the Netherlands can enjoy unique works of art.

Steef Hendriks